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It's never too late

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Too become better

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✔ Learn basic self-defence skills

✔ Suitable for men and women shape slimming, fat reduction effect is obvious, can quickly burn fat, increase the body softness and relieve pressure.

✔ Women who practice boxing have long lower limbs and high breech position; Shoulder and back muscles, ligaments can get moderate exercise, practice boxing men become more mentally flexible, body shape can achieve the ideal effect.


For Kids

✔In the growing process of children, they face a lot of challenges and pressures, children need a positive outlet to eliminate these pressures. Children taking boxing classes not only exercise their body, but also release negative emotions such as anger.

✔Avoid childhood obesity.

✔Build self-confidence.


✔Parent-child boxing class can also strengthen the parent-child relationship.


Strength Training

✔️ Maintain muscle loss, keep metabolism running normally, and let us move freely。

✔️Stimulates bone growth and prevents osteoporosis.

✔️Enhance balance and coordination, maintain muscle movement perception.

✔️Relieves chronic pain, whether caused by sitting or aging.

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We are Boxing➕ Fitness comprehensive fitness club, the novel "Boxing Fitness" mode, break your cognition of traditional fitness.

✔Best Value

   Your training with seven fitness club. You will enjoy the best training for less price.

✔Best Training

  Formulated with the perfect combination of boxing, strength and cardio conditioning intervals designed to enhance your human performance and leave you with more than just a great sweat.

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Home: About Us
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